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Wedding Couple Bunnies

Wedding Couple Bunnies

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<100% Cotton Handcrafted Dolls>

Handcrafted with love and care, these adorable bunnies are dressed in miniature wedding attire, complete with delicate flower crown with mesh veils, dapper tuxedos, and tiny bowties. Each stitch showcases the intricacy and artistry of crochet work, resulting in a unique and personalized keepsake. With their cute floppy ears and expressive eyes, these bunny dolls add a playful and endearing element to wedding decor. Whether used as photo props or displayed as decorative accents, these crochet bunny dolls are a perfect embodiment of love, joy, and hoppy-ever-after.

Approximately 13"

High quality cotton

<Wash Care>
- Wash in cold (30C or below) water, whether using a washing machine or washing by hand.
- Always hang garments to air dry or lay them flat on a drying rack.

These are handcrafted dolls and each dolls may have little difference.
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